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We understand the breath and scope of Zendesk.  However, if you’re using WordPress Zendesk and you want to acces the download allow us to suggest an alternative – Support Dynamo.  Yes, there are WordPress Zendesk Download Options on the site but please take a minute to review the powerful features inside Support Dynamo!

Yes, ZenDesk is a powerful support program and as a stand alone option will work for a lot of people but it wasn’t built to be a WordPress specific product.  Like all other 3rd party applications, all of your ZendDesk Support data is hosted offsite, on their offices/servers.

Part of what makes Support Dynamo so awesome is that it’s a WordPress Plugin, built on WordPress, for WordPress users. It works inside your WordPress site – meaning you will own the data.  Plus, as it’s inside your WordPress site, your customers stay inside your site.  You can Download WordPress ZendDesk Plugin to connect your site to their servers but you’re data is still on their servers and your customers still leave your site.  See more info below about Support Dynamo….

Support Dynamo is the most advanced WordPress Support & Ticket System Plugin on the market – especially when you consider the built-in Customer Interaction Manager (CIM). Manage your support and customers straight from inside your WordPress powered site like never before. Your visitors can submit support tickets via Email or through your very own Customer Support Portal (CSP).

Support Dynamo makes it easy to quickly browse, view, sort and reply to support requests without leaving your site or your WordPress admin area. With your visitor’s information right in front of you, powered by Support Dynamo’s very own Customer Interaction Manager (CIM), you or your support team can provide up to the minute, detailed responses to all of your support tickets.

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