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WordPress Tech Support Plugin using Support Dynamo

WordPress Tech Support Plugins were impossible to find, especially ones that are updated regularly, free of bugs and keep all the support on your site. Anything you thought you knew about WordPress Support Plugins is going to change, with the intro of Support Dynamo – a WordPress Ticket System Plugin utilizing a Customer Interaction Manager.

Every webmaster or anyone running their personal business online knows having exceptional customer support is thought to be one of the keys to success. Whenever you can keep your customers happy before, during and after the transaction, there’s a high chance they shall return.

Here I am going to provide you with a quick report about Support Dynamo how it may help you run your online business.

Support Dynamo allows you to provide that high valuable customer service to all of your customers/visitors directly from inside of your WordPress admin area – no 3rd party scripts or linking. The entire WordPress Tech Support Plugin runs from within your site, on your own server with the power of WordPress at its disposal.

There have been a number of attempts at making a 100% true WordPress Tech Support Plugin before and some of those other Plugins are still on the market today however the biggest issue with all of them is they are old and seldomly get updated. Updates are vital. The only way to keep up with the most current WordPress updated is through Plugin updates. Not to mention not updating your Plugins can show bugs or cause conflicts with many of the latest or innovative Plugins.

This is not a concern with Support Dynamo due to the fact the Plugin is consistently updated to help keep up to date with the newest WordPress updates and coding standards. These updates are regular as Plugin Dynamo (the coder behind the Plugin) constantly attempting to improve, update and better their Plugin. Their mission is to give their WordPress Tech Support Plugin users the absolute best 100% self hosted WordPress Support & Ticket System Plugin now available.

After you install and activate Support Dynamo, there is not that much configuration required and it will function correctly straight out of the box. A couple of the aspects which makes Support Dynamo so powerful is you can manage, edit, create, view or delete tickets all from 1 location inside your WordPress admin area. This screen is called the Ticket Management screen and is going to be one of the most visited screens within your WordPress admin area. From here, you can see all your current open tickets and choose to read through answered and closed support tickets.

There are also some helpful filters to let you browse by topic or by author. This lets you give accurate, quick and simple support to any and all of your customers with the Quick View feature. The Quick View feature will be in the drop down section that displays the support request as well as a text area with the entire ticket conversation so that you can read through and reply to any ticket – from the admin area. The Quick View feature also lets you select (if you create any) a canned response which you can create,edit and delete all from the settings page. These are perfect for an immediate reply to all the common questions you may face and something found in most of the high dollar Client Management Systems.

The CIM (Customer Interaction Manager) is on par with most of the very expensive systems that end up being more difficult to learn and of course are not built to integrate with WordPress – with a WordPress Support Ticket System. The CIM means that you can communicate with your prospects in a brand new way. Don’t just support your prospects, get to know them! When using Support Dynamo’s CIM, you will interact with your clients and visitors using a proven circle of interaction, which starts off by Integrating Support Dynamo with one of the many currently supported shopping cart or membership Plugins (like WishList Member Integration or Cart66 Integration).

These Plugins let you use the Customer Value Calculator as well as a host of other functions. Use the User Data Card to learn a little more about whom you’re supporting, this insures you provide a higher-level of support however it can also make it easier to discover the next big partner happens to be current customer. The WordPress Tech Support Plugin completes the loop by auto contacting anyone who has opened a support ticket to collect Comments from customers and testimonials. This entire process is automated and you may discover gaps in the quality of your service and acquire those relatively powerful testimonials. Use this information to improve your internet site or roll out additional products and services in accordance to actual customer feedback.

An additional bonus of Support Dynamo is there is no need to paste any code snippets or short codes. As soon as you activate Support Dynamo, it automatically creates a support page with the Customer service Portal pre-embedded on the page. The Customer Support Portal also comes with a default style, but advanced users can edit this using CSS. If you’re utilizing the Knowledge Management System (Knowledge Base), visitors are going to see on the Support Portal page the power to browse your Knowledge Base, quickly see how many “Open” and “Closed” support tickets they have or generate a new support ticket.

If you’re not using the Private Support Option, the “Create a new ticket” form comes with a built-in spam protection to guarantee your support system does not get spammed. Also included is a welcome text box that can be edited in the settings to modify your visitors greeting once they enter into your Customer Support Portal.

However this is not the only way your prospects can connect with you. Support Dynamo can continually check an e-mail account and import emails as support tickets. That’s right, Tickets via email! All inside your WordPress site. And thanks to the Customer Interaction Manager, Support Dynamo knows if these emailed tickets are written by an existing customer and their current Customer Value.

Non-Customers will have a temporary account auto generated and you’ll see a “Temp” stamp added with their ticket so you are aware that this is a new “potential” customer. When they become a customer, Support Dynamo will append all their previous tickets to their account. It’s possible to add in multiple email accounts to pull support requests from multiple email sources. This happens to be ideal for those who want to have 1 centralized support hub to manage all the necessary support for all of their sites all from ONE site or domain.

If you consistently receive a common question, Support Dynamo lets you quickly convert a duplicate of the ticket into a Knowledge Base article and drop it right into the KMS (Knowledge Management System). The KMS lets you create, manage as well as maintain a comprehensive Knowledge Base within the Customer Support Portal. Owning a Knowledge Base is a fantastic addition to any site which can help your support time if visitors can find whatever they want while avoiding having to submit a support ticket.

With the KMS you can easily transform tickets to a Knowledge Base topic or article after you recognize the same question is being asked repeatedly. This is completed with just one click inside the Ticket Options Meta Box. With one click you’ll copy the question in the ticket and launch up a brand new Knowledge Base article window with the contents of the ticket pre-loaded for you to edit or supply a thorough answer and post.

What we have just covered is only the tip of the iceberg as far as Support Dynamo goes as a WordPress Tech Support Plugin. There are many more simple as well as robust options for example ticket and individual notes, computer bug/error , outbound ticket attachments, dashboard widget, custom roles & role manager, customer support topic, private/open support, reports and analytics, user data cards and more! Go see for yourself truly how powerful Support Dynamo actually is, to discover how it may help streamline your customer support operation.

Don’t just support your customers, get to know them using Support Dynamo, THE WordPress Support Plugin.

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