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Everyone knows that user feedback is vital to a successful online business.  Feedback lets you know how you’re doing or if there is anything you could be doing better. Support Dynamo gives each person who submits a ticket the opportunity to leave you feedback and rate your products, services or level of support.  These feedback comments can easily be used as testimonials or used to shape and form future products and services.

This is accomplished in a seamless and friendly way as Support Dynamo will ask a user once they have closed their ticket if they want to leave you feedback.  You can customize the greeting message for the feedback from the settings page and ask for any type of comment. Support Dynamo will automatically send a reminder e-mail if a ticket is marked answered and the user hasn’t replied in 24 hours.  This reminder email will ask them if they want to close the ticket and leave you feedback or reply to your latest answer.

This will speed up the support resolution time (creating happy customers) and generate real user feedback in the process.

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