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User Datacards

User Datacards

Support Dynamo features a User DataCard with each support ticket.  This can be found in the Quick View/Reply section and also on the single ticket page.

The User DataCard is part of the Customer Interaction Manager and helps you interact with your customers as on hover, it quickly does a Google search for the ticket authors name, a Twitter search for the authors name, a Facebook search for the authors name and a LinkedIn search for the authors name. Additionally you can also do a Google search for the authors e-mail address.

The purpose of this feature is to help you to get to know your customers.  It’s often easier to help people if you know who you are communicating with. By being able to do a quick search to try and learn more about your customers you can get to know your customers a better and in turn provide better support.

You may also notice this customer has a large social following in your niche and you could turn this support ticket into a partnership or advertising opportunity.

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