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Tickets By Email

Tickets By Email

One of the greatest features of Support Dynamo is the ability for it to continually check an e-mail account and import emails as support tickets.  And thanks to the Customer Interaction Manager, Support Dynamo will tell you if they are an existing customer and their current Customer Value. Non-Customer will have a temp account auto created and you’ll see “Temp” with their ticket so you know this is a new “potential” customer.  When they become a customer, Support Dynamo will append all of their previous tickets to their account.

You can add in multiple email accounts to pull support requests from multiple email sources.  This is great for people who want to have 1 centralized support hub to manage all the support for all of their sites from one location.

Support Dynamo can recognize if an email is a new ticket or a reply to existing ticket and assign it to the correct location.

New Feature
Support Dynamo now supports POP3 and IMAP protocols for email fetching – you can find this new setting on the email settings under tickets by email.

** Support Dynamo uses the IMAP protocol for email based tickets so this must be enabled for this feature to work. The Plugin will tell you if your server has IMAP enabled or not.  If you do not IMAP enabled, you can enable it yourself or your server administrator/hosting company can enable it for you. If you have any questions regarding how to enable IMAP, please contact your hosting provider.

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