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Ticket Reports & Analytics

Support Dynamo offers detailed reports and ticket analytics from your Support Dashboard to give you an inside look at how your support center is running.  At the very top of your Support Admin page, you’ll see a bar graph dynamically updated to reflect the number of tickets received over the last 30 days.  This allows you to watch for support request trends and see when you get more requests – weekends, weekdays, or maybe on a particular day of the week.  You can use this new found information to have your support team ready for the high demand days.

Below the graph you’ll see the “Last 30 Day Quick Count Stats” with the total number of tickets received, the total tickets received today and your average tickets per day.

The next section of the Support Dashboard provides a quick ticket count overview.  Here you’ll how many current “Open” tickets there are, “Answered” tickets, “Closed” tickets and the total lifetime tickets.  These are linked back to the Ticket Management screen with the required filter to view only those specific tickets.

The Third section on the Dashboard has two main sections.  On the left side you’ll see details for “New” tickets while the right side is for ticket “Replies”. Both sections highlight how many “New” tickets or “Replies” came through your Customer Support Portal or came in through Tickets by Email.  Review the total number and/or percentages to learn how your customers and visitors are interacting with your support team.

New Features
Added is Knowledge Base stats which include most viewed Knowledge Base Articles and with the added Knowledge Base Article voting you can see which articles were the most helpful and least helpful all added into their own new stats widgets on the dashboard.

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