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Customer Value Calculator

Customer Value Calculator

The Customer Value Calculator is a feature included in the Customer Interaction Manager. It lets you assign prices to items that you have imported through an Integration to be used as your Custom Support Topics. For each imported item you can either assign a one-time payment value or a repeat payment value, or both.

The calculator will do the math for each product a user has ordered and calculate a users total value. Knowing a users total value can help your support team better decide how to help customers.  Yes you want to treat all customers equally but for your big spenders and frequent customers its nice to go the extra mile.

Your support team could see which products your customer DOES NOT have and offer them with a special promotion to turn a support ticket into a revenue generator!  This is easily done when you use Support Dynamo and the Customer Value Calculator.

The Customer Value Calculator is part of the Customer Interaction Manager.


** As mentioned, the Customer Value Calculator does require that you integrate with one of the membership or shopping cart Plugins that are listed on the Integration page.

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