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Customer Interaction Manager

Customer Interaction Manager

This is one of the most exciting aspects of Support Dynamo.  Our CIM (Customer Interaction Manager) is on par with most of the expensive systems that are hard to learn and are not built to integrate with WordPress – never mind with a WordPress powered support and ticket system…a true first!

Our CIM allows you to interact with your customers in a completely new way.  Don’t just support your customers, get to know them!

When using Support Dynamo’s CIM, you will interact with your customers and visitors using a proven circle of interaction, which starts off by Integrating Support Dynamo with one of the currently supported shopping cart or membership Plugins.  These Plugins allow you to use the Customer Value Calculator and a host of other features.  Use the User DataCard to learn a little bit more about whom you’re supporting.  This insures you provide a higher level of support but it might also help you discover your next big partner is actually a current customer!

The CIM completes the loop with by auto contacting those who have opened a support ticket to collect Customer Feedback and testimonials.  This entire process is automated and you’ll discover gaps in the quality of your service and get those oh so powerful testimonials.  Use this information to improve your site or roll out additional products and services based on actual customer feedback.

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