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Custom Support Topics

Custom Support Topics

Support Systems should make support easy for your customers and Support Dynamo does that with a few support topics (Billing, Affiliates) pre-loaded for you.

However, you can create your own custom support topics for your site.  You can edit, add and delete the default topics from the Support Dynamo settings page. You can also select whether or not to display a given topic to your customers/visitors by using the “Don’t Display” Topic check box.

If you have Support Dynamo Integrated with a membership or shopping cart Plugin, you can import your products or membership values and convert each product into support topics.

Support Dynamo will show all custom created topics to all visitors, but imported topics will only show to users who have purchased that certain membership level or product through an integrated 3rd party Plugin or script. As an example…. if “Customer Joe” has order your “Red Wheel” product and not the “Blue Wheel”, when Customer Joe tries to open a support ticket he will not see “Blue Wheel” as a support topic option, only the Custom Topic you created and the “Red Wheel” topic you imported will be listed as support topic options.

This way you only receive support from people you know have completed a transaction on your site for that particular product.

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