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Canned Responses

Canned Responses

No Support system is complete without “Canned Responses” (Auto Responses) and Support Dynamo is no different.

You can “Create”, “Edit” or “Delete” responses through the “Canned Responses” settings tab from the Support Dynamo settings page- found inside the Plugin. Once you’ve created at least one Canned Response you would be able to insert a Canned Response when replying to a ticket.

From the “View” single ticket page you can select a “Reply” from the Canned Responses drop down.  Once you pick the Canned Response you want, it will auto insert into the reply box. You can edit or tweak the text before submitting your ticket reply.

Canned Responses are a must for Support Systems as you often get asked the same questions over and over.  Using this feature will reduce response time as you just pick from a pre-typed and pre-approved response.  This is vital if you’re using off-shore customer support and you want to make sure they are telling your customer the correct information.  Simply load the Canned Responses with your approved responses and you’ll know your customers are receiving the desired information.

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